Why Save the Remainder of this Village

Visitors to the Church and village environment immediately recognize the peaceful, co-operative spirit of the place. These values should be preserved and the lessons from the past applied today.

The Friends of Wesleyville Village have a vision: To preserve the remnants of an abandoned village community for the purpose of commemorating the lives of our forbearers and educating the people of today regarding their way of life and values exemplified within the village.

How the Project is Progressing

Before the Friends organization was formed in 2008, the future of the village looked bleak. A year later, the Friends had negotiated a 20-year lease on the Wesleyville Church from the United Church of Canada and the preservation work began.

Tasks outlined for the first 5 years of the lease were accomplished in 2010 including the huge job of relocating the bats, removing the accumulated toxic guano and urine and re-installing the ceiling.

In just over two years, the Church has been made useable for a limited number of public events. This building continues to be the focus of the Friends efforts in order to restore the structure to full 21st Century requirements while conserving the character, beauty and values of the past.

Events at the Church and memberships provide working funds - however, without major support from the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario (ACO), Port Hope Branch, and Cameco Corporation the milestones in the restoration of the Church could not have been achieved.

What Lies Ahead

The feeling you get in Wesleyville is special and the Friends want to share this ambience. All the remaining build- ings should be conserved and made available for appropriate public uses. Groups could retreat to the country by renting the restored buildings for gatherings, events, environmental education and historical exploration.

Currently, the Church is available for rent for events such as weddings, meetings, art shows and small classes.

The buildings will also become a resource and education centre for the preservation of our local history; with archaeological digs, flora and fauna walks and displays of artifacts.