The History of the Name of Wesleyville Village

Wesleyville has been known by several different names during its history. The community in its earliest incantation was known as Lakeshore around 1824. This community is noted at that time by Rev. Anson Green in his missionary report. Subsequently, the community was referred to as Crimea, a temperance society in the 1850's.
In 1860, deterioration of the school and church necessitated their replacement. At this point, Lot 30 Concession 1 was donated by John Barrowclough for the church to be built upon. This is where the church is located today.The church would be named Wesley and the community would become centred around it, adopting its name. The ville portion of the name would be incorporated in 1875 with the addition of the Post Office run by post master Elijah Barrowclough.

Why Wesley?

The Wesleyan Methodist Movement
The term Wesley refers to a denomination of the Methodist movement which occurred in Great Britain when there was a split between the Methodist movement and the Church of England. Several denominations were found in Wesleyville and the surrounding Hope region including Wesleyan Methodist, Methodist, Church of England, Presbyterian and Catholic individuals. The term Wesleyan differentiates from Calvinistic Methodists who were Welsh. The Welsh Calvinistic Methodists were founded by George Whitefield while Wesleyan Methodists were founded after John Wesley.

Wesleyan Arminianism is the main theoretical difference between Calvinistic Methodism and Weslayan Methodism and this incorporates three main ideas:
1. One needs to have a proper and just relationship with God noting his love for people and hatred of sin. It does not have as big of a legal demand for justice. There is a big importance of moral responsibility.
2. An person could lose their salvation through a bad choice of life pathway not one particular sin. However is not permanent or final.
3. Belief in the ability of a person to attain practical perfection through removal of all voluntary sin through dedication of one's life to God. This is not an absolute perfection but a perfection of love as humans are still susceptible to temptation thus still requiring forgiveness and holiness from God.