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The Bee Family

Several members of the Bee family are buried at Wesleyville Village: John B, his wife Merrifield, their son Alvin, and their grandson, Wilfrid, son of their son, Sydney. 


Until 1871, the family are noted as living in the nearby township of Cavan, according to census records of 1861 and 1871. John dies in Northumberland and is buried in Wesleyville. It is supposed that at some point between 1871 and 1876, the family moved to Hope Township. They were an English family and considered themselves to be Church of England.

John B and Merrifield had four children, Alvin, Hirim, Emma (Amy), and Sydney.

Hirim did not live in Hope Township, but rather moved from Cavan to Huron, and eventually to Middlesex.

Alvin lived in Hope Township from 1881-1911 but it may not have been until his death, which is listed as occuring in Durham.

Sydney lived in Hope Township from 1891-1911 with his family, including Wilfrid.

Emma lived in Hope Township from 1881 until her marriage in 1890 to James Cann. They subsequently moved to the state of Washington, U.S.A.

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