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May 31, 2021 Olympus Burger announcement

It is with GREAT PRIDE we share that Olympus Burger will be donating $2544.00 to our Friends of Wesleyville Village raised on #nationalburgerday for the repair of the Wesleyville church!!!

The Love and Support was truly amazing and we couldn’t have done it without YOU!!! THANK YOU for supporting and joining the Gods!

If you would like to make any further donation please visit and Donate Now! Any contribution is greatly appreciated!

Gods are cooking until 8pm today!

Takeout - Parking lot Pick up – Delivery[0]=AZVMMXvuv9NHfVdjGPQNUGm3DM3_Nj-fBD4bl4VhoFyt0XSlnTKR5Jn-YS4JR10DPpuxzEg0pOrv51V2NFLmwMPqP0sXk70o7vdqxNamSXCXV1bXSMCDwS80h2hO9Or_aG88wsMUPAYuHOnujE8lyR2WyOXt8AFBed9c0jipcuIiRa3l7QGkZjOA7DCO_DYbZ3d-Kr5z4GARBglLgYGxJAHJH3uKsmDQethug575HUyT1Q&__tn__=-]C%2CP-y-R

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