Wesleyville Village

a charming historic village located in rural ontario being revitalized by friends

Wesleyville village is a 19th century village located on beautiful Lakeshore Road in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada on the shores of Lake Ontario. The village is located on a quiet, seldom-travelled stretch of Lakeshore Road west of Port Hope, Ontario, and it exudes a relaxed, peaceful aura, with the only sounds coming from the birds that flit from tree to tree and among the time-weathered headstones in the graveyard at the rear of the grounds. The property is a lush, green oasis, harkening back to a simpler time when horses and buggies ferried parishioners from surrounding farms along country roads to Sunday service.

2018 A banner year for Wesleyville Village

Celebrating the past and future together in our heritage community.

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