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The Wakelin Family

Robert Wakelin came to Canada from England. We do not know much of his early life as Robert Wakelin was a common name in England and there are several candidates. We do not have a marriage record for Robert and his wife, Jane Glass. He initially settled in Kingston as noted on the 1851 Census. Robert is recorded in Wesleyville in the 1861 Census.


We learned he is a farmer from England and is a Wesleyan Methodist. The family lived in a 1 story log cabin. His wife Jane is from Ireland and also listed as Wesleyan Methodist. Their son Henry was born in Upper Canada. There is also a Sarah E Lee (13) listed as living with the Wakelins. Robert died in 1869 and was buried at Wesleyville The 1871 census, after Robert's passing, lists Jane (55) and Henry (18) with a farm hand, William Beatly (24), from Ireland living in dwelling 121. The 1881 census lists Henry with his wife and son Wilbert as well as his mother Jane in dwelling 179. Jane died in 1897 and was buried at Wesleyville In the 1901 census, Henry is listed with his wife Mary J (44), his son Wilfred H., and his daughter Mabel J. His is listed as a farmer living in dwelling 27. Henry died in 1903.

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