Reusing, repurposing and restoring buildings for the 21st Century uses is what we're doing in Wesleyville Village.


We have a zero garbage policy at our Friends of Wesleyville Village events. We like to think our current "Re display" in the church fits right in. The word "Sustainability" has entered people's vocabulary and the cradle to grave concept (I.e. the environmental impact created by a product from its beginning to its disposal) is being talked about. Reusing or repurposing was a way of life in bygone days (what else would you do with items?). Examples of reusing fabrics in quilts or rugs and more modern day creative recycling of paper and fabric can be seen in the display. Check out our "Re Display" below for what you can do instead of tossing it in the garbage. 


Wesleyville village is a 19th century village located on beautiful Lakeshore Road in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada on the shores of Lake Ontario. The village is located on a quiet, seldom-travelled stretch of Lakeshore Road west of Port Hope, Ontario, and it exudes a relaxed, peaceful aura, with the only sounds coming from the birds that flit from tree to tree and among the time-weathered headstones in the graveyard at the rear of the grounds.

Throughout time the Wesleyville Village site on the bountiful shoreline of Lake Ontario has been occupied and respected by various indigenous peoples: the Huron-Wendat, Haudenosaunee, Anishinaabeg and Metis people. The Friends of Wesleyville Village wish to acknowledge the dynamic relationship between this environment and indigenous peoples.


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