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  • The fire-damaged church building is leased from the United Church of Canada which has offered a new long-term lease to permit restoration. The community investment to recover the church for community use will now be secure for at least 50 years. This autumn, installation of stained-glass windows and the entrance doorway will proceed after heritage approvals are made by the Municipality of Port Hope.

  • The recovery work is estimated to cost between $400,000 and $500,000. We are very thankful for our community, which has already contributed over $150,000 towards this project. Fundraising continues to raise money for restoring the church and other village buildings.



Masonry, Fascia and Soffits have been restored by Brandon Bliss Construction

Oughtred House / Caretaker's Residence/Caretaker's Resdidence

  • As of July 2023, work has begun on the Oughtred House, and the new space will include an accessible washroom. Soon we'll be welcoming you there!

  • The major part of the Oughtred House is off-limits to the public. It is the private residence of our caretaker who provides the village with a watchful presence and regular care.

  • Exterior restorations and renovations remain in-progress.

  • The chimney was replaced and restored by Henderson Construction in 2022.

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